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*Genuine Lusatian fish

In addition to carp, pike and sturgeon are among the traditional fish that have been farmed in Lusatia for almost 800 years. However, other species can also be sold as "Lusatian fish" if they meet certain quality criteria. To do this, the pond farms must be inspected and certified by a panel of experts. Some companies stand out in particular, e.g. through their work as a training company or if they source their feed or fry from the region.

You can find out exactly what is behind the "Lausitzer Fisch" brand further down on this page.

Here you will find all the businesses certified under the brand.


Lusatian fish must have spent at least a third of its life in Lusatia.
This means both Upper Lusatia (Saxony) and Lower Lusatia (Brandenburg) .
In addition, the fish must be "harvested" within this region.


In order to be allowed to use the "Lusatian fish" brand in the catering trade, quality criteria must also be met.

If you would like to try delicious, fresh Lusatian fish, then take a look at our chefs and let the quality convince you:

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Quality criteria

In order to be allowed to use the "Lusatian Fish" brand, pond keepers and fish farms must meet strict quality criteria.
In addition to the basic requirements of hygiene and processing, there are so-called mandatory criteria and additional criteria, which are checked and evaluated by a selected panel of experts.

You can find a detailed overview of the quality criteria for the "Lausitzer Fisch" brand here:

Lusatian Fish Quality Criteria Checklist

The fish

Not all Lusatian fish is the same. In addition to carp, sturgeon and pike, other fish species can also be sold as Lusatian fish, provided they meet the quality criteria of the "Lusatian fish" brand.

Education and training

Some farms are also active as training companies. This is not only an additional criterion for achieving the quality standards of the "Lusatian Fish" brand, but also promotes the continued existence of the pond farms and the transfer of knowledge within the region.

Trade & Sale

You will not only find Lusatian fish on the menus of regional chefs, but also directly in the stores and stores of pond farmers and fishermen.
You can find a list of pond farms here:

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