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Are you feeling adventurous?

It's such a beautiful day today! You simply have to do something. And a fishing farm is just the place for it! Come on, let's go and see my grandpa, fisherman Frank. I wonder what he's doing there right now?

Hey, Franzi!

Nice of you to drop by! We're fishing in the pond at the moment.
As you know, we have a lot to do all year round. I'd better show you what life around the pond looks like first.

About the pond ecosystem


There is nothing better than catching your own fish. Whether traditionally when fishing or at one of the many lakes and ponds.
Here we show you which pond farms allow you to put your rod in the water without a fishing license.

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Cycling and hiking tours along the ponds

Do you want to actively explore the land of a thousand ponds on your trip to Upper Lusatia? With our practical overview of the best cycling and hiking tours in the region, you'll find the right path for you. Take a look.

To the cycling and hiking tours


There is so much to experience around the Lusatian fish. We have compiled a list of the best events to help you keep track of the many activities.

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On the road with the ranger

Accompany Ranger Richy and his colleagues from the UNESCO biosphere reserve through the Upper Lusatian heath and pond landscape and learn lots of interesting things along the way. In addition to carp, pike and sturgeon, you might even spot particularly rare birds such as the white-tailed eagle.
A visit to the House of a Thousand Ponds in Wartha is definitely worthwhile.

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