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Are you thirsty for knowledge?

Hello, dear guests. I'm Ranger Richy and I can tell you lots of exciting things about the Land of a Thousand Ponds. Because our Franzi is always asking me questions, I have an answer to almost everything.

Cultural landscape

The Upper Lusatian Heath and Pond Landscape is a unique region.
I will explain why it is so special and what exactly characterizes a cultural landscape .

About the cultural landscape

Pond ecosystem

And what significance do ponds have for humans, animals and plants? I can answer that for you. And also why the correct maintenance of ponds is so important.

About the pond ecosystem

What is Lusatian fish?

What makes the fish in our region so special?
What criteria does it have to meet?
Where can I find Lusatian fish?

Answers to these and many more questions can be found here:

What is Lusatian fish?